If people are free...

It has been pointed out to me that I have a morale obligation to have people over to view the Super Bowl.  Since part of the justification for buying it was to watch the SB last year and it would be a bit of an investment to watch a single game.

I am scheduled to work until 6:00 on Sunday. Which means I should be home right around kickoff.  I do not yet have clever ideas for food or who will arrive early to ensure that people can get settled but I suspect someone will volunteer.

Please comment or drop me an e-mail to let me know how many people to expect.  And now to e-mail to people who enjoy football but don't read lj...

Life and stuff

I fell off of prehensile_wit's weekly update wagon a while ago.  To be fair, I'm not sure I ever had both feet on it. I'm not going to make a real attempt to cover things that have happened since my last post in any meaningful or organized fashion.

I noticed that I've been in more of a funk than usual lately and had to admit that I still haven't really dealt with mom's death.  Which is making for a rough January.  Though honestly, I haven't dealt with Aaron's or Kaylar's deaths either so the good months are getting a bit thin.  Trying to be aware of my moods and not overly inflict them upon the unsuspecting.

Work is changing some.  The CFO is leaving. I don't think she ever cared for the spa.  Well, she liked the employee discount she got for services but I think she would have been happier shutting us down.  I am hoping I can get a copy of the budget for last year and this year.  You would think they should be existing documents that could be sent in the time it takes to e-mail but I will probably have to try to get them from her replacement.  I'm looking at the budgets since my manager doesn't seem to be very strong in that area. evcelt has warned me about getting sucked into management and moving from the massage work that I enjoy.

I've been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, a subscription MMO game.  To me it plays like a computer game more than a MMO. By that I mean the game so far is more about story than about teaming up.  The game design threw me a bit since you can focus on dealing damage with any class and tanking or healing with 3/4 of the classes.  So choosing a class by how you want to play the game doesn't work.  Instead you should pick based on the story/POV you want to see/live.  Anyway, it is interesting.

Still lots of work to be done around the house but I'm making progress.  Not much progress but I'll take baby steps if that's what I can get.

I've stumbled across some interesting blogs but never get back to them after reading once and bookmarking them.

It looks like my options for a party this year are narrowing a bit.  July 4th inconveniently falls on a Wednesday this year.  I know one event is already schedule for the weekend after and having a party on a Wednesday is mighty rough on people.  I guess I need to look at the weekend before and make up my mind soon before everyone at work takes time off.

Friday Update

I skipped a week or two but hey, I'm posting this week so it's still more regular than I've ever posted before.

I spent a fair chunk of time cleaning the house and trying to get party prep done.  I think I got through maybe 75% of my list but the house was decently presentable so I'll count it as a win anyway.  Aw, let's be honest, I'll publicly claim the win but privately I'll be disappointed that I didn't get more done.  I took a couple of days off work to give me more time to work around the house.  It helped some but my lack of focus and energy kept the days from being more productive.

I hosted an open house on the 4th of July.  When I counted people during the reading of the Declaration, I got forty-four outside and a few more inside. So, my best guess is just shy of sixty people for the day.  Not too bad for a house that really only fits twenty or so.  Then there was clean up and the eating of leftovers.  I'm still working my way through the leftovers, so at least I don't have to go shopping much this week.

I'll also take this time to thank everyone who helped with the party.  I'm sure I'll leave someone out, and I apologize for that in advance.  Also, apologies not using lj handles for folks.

Cleaning/repairing the house: Moira, Rebecca C, Rebecca P, Sean, Greg (especially for fixing things the day of the party)
Loan of stuff: Mike and Laura, Hank and Miki, Rebecca C, Moira, Dave H
Donating stuff: Shane, Dave H, Moira, everyone who brought food or drink
Food Prep: Moira, Ann, Diane, Emily, Susan
Entertainment: Shane, Michael, Dante, John C, Dave H
Clean Up: Rebecca C, Rebecca P, Lobo, Moira, Dave H

Thank you everyone for coming by the house.  It was great to see you.

Other activities for the week included working, eating, sleeping, reading and watching TV.

And how was your week?

The week in Review

Went to work, ate, slept, watched TV (Burn Notice and Memphis Beat are back). Very little gaming this week due to illness (not mine) and minor computer problems (mine).

Mowed the lawn, trimmed the hedge and bushes, cleaned up some of the trimmings.  Need to clean up the trimmings, do some weeding and get the edger out and make the outdoors look presentable.

The ten day forecast is looking good for the 4th.  Okay, it cuts off at the 3rd but it is trending as Sunny, high 80's during the day and low 70's at night.  And part of why this looks good is that it unless things change, I can set up pavilions over the weekend and not Monday morning.

I went to a Reflexology continuing ed class this week.  I didn't learn much more than I knew but a bit more supervised hands-on training is good.

My IE went sideways this week so I moved to Firefox.  I miss some of the features in IE (and my bookmarks) but at least it wasn't the OS this time.  Norton and MalwareBytes both claim that my machine is virus free so I have no idea what happened.

Nothing too exciting happening here.  But that's probably a good thing.  And how was you're week?

Update for the week

Okay, really it is for the last few weeks but the idea is the same.

Party prep has gotten pushed aside for dealing with other matters. This is of some concern but not much I can about it other than get cracking next week.

I have a different vehicle now.  Last week I got a call from my father saying he had bought a new car for his birthday and was I interested in his old one.  So, a couple of days of vehicle shuffling and dealing with the DMV and I now have a Honda.  It is actually a year older than the Jeep but has about half as many miles.  The Jeep is now with my brother since it uses cheaper fuel and gets better mileage than his truck. The down side is this puts a bit of a limit on my day to day ability to haul stuff around.  I'm sure I'll manage.

Work is trying to melt down.  A couple of people are leaving which makes things stressful since we aren't that big.  Then one of them has issues with dealing with their replacement so things get very tense and they get fired a week into their two and half week notice period.  Fun stuff.  I'm hoping that another couple of weeks and we will settle into the new normal.

I went to the XPI game last weekend.  It is always good to see folks up there.  Though I need to figure out how to engage with plot better. I find that I tend to deal with plot through other characters bringing me information which is not very efficient.  Going to XPI also meant short sleep due to the need to rebuild weapons before game and then short sleep staying up to do alchemy after the fighting stopped Saturday night.  I'm sure I'll catch up on sleep eventually (but obviously not tonight since I am posting around 2 AM and need to be to work by 9 tomorrow)

Other fun stuff, managed to bump into some poison ivy at game.  I'm sure the blisters on my hand will dry out real soon now.

Ran a session of Deadlands.  Not my best game ever but sadly, probably not my worst either.  The Weird Scientist caught up to the rest of the party.  One of the NPC miners managed to break a wagon wheel in a rut forcing the NPCs and the missing Miner to stop and fix the wagon while the rest of the party went ahead along the Santa Fe Ghost Trail.  The party notices some glints from the hillside (I can't catch a break and get the party to fail any notice checks. Ever) and they also spot the trap across the road.  A gun fight ensues with the wagon (with the weird science gizmos aboard) only being party blown up.  Things might have gone worse for our heroes if on of the opposing Gatling pistols hadn't jammed on the second use and stayed jammed for three actions.  There may have been less collateral damage to the wagon full of gizmos if they hadn't 1) tried to get the bandits to not shoot at the wagon because it might explode and 2) tell the last surviving bandit to run away then threaten him if he didn't stop.  Assuming he was going to be killed, he tried to create a distraction by shooting the wagon in the hopes it would blow up since our heroes were much closer to the wagon than he was.  Sadly for him, no earth shattering kaboom.

Otherwise, life is as usual.  Work, watch TV, play LOTRO.  Hope every one had a good week.

End of Week Summary

And thus I get around it not quite being Friday anymore though I'm not sure how to gloss over not posting last week.  Still doing better than my usual once every three months.
With the able assistance of raging_apathy got some peppers and herbs planted as well as constructing a new deck box.  So, making progress for the open house at least on the exterior portion of things.  Still need to do a major cleaning of the basement.
Last weekend was slammed at work.  I have seventeen hours on the clock between Friday and Saturday. Last week I had fifteen and a half of those as service hours.  Good thing I don't have to eat, or pee, or do anything other than run from one service to the next.  But busy is good.  Two of my co-workers put in notice this week.  So the next round of interviews will be happening soon.
Got over to the Bishop's on Thursday to hang out and talk about XPI stuff.  Didn't get in any sparring which is a bit disappointing but I suppose I could have pushed the issue to try and make it happen.
Hope everyone had a good week.

Update for the week

This week's update is still lacking complete sentences.  Maybe I'll take more time next week and make it less like bullet points.

Last weekend was very busy at work. Went to Trojan Women 2.0 Saturday even though the busy day was wearing me down.
Doing my best to avoid getting whatever virus is going through work.  I think it has hit four people already.  Just have to fend it off until Monday when I have time to be sick.
Did more XPI paper shuffling for two guilds my character has somehow ended up organizing.  On the other hand, I did not write any of the plot ideas that have been bouncing around.
Got the evite out for the 4th of July party.  If you are reading this and did not receive the evite, please drop me a note with your preferred e-mail address for such things.
Shredded a tiny fraction of the papers that need to go.  But made no other progress for the party clean up.  The turducken rolls have arrived.
Then there were the usual gaming evenings. Though this week's Thursday was a Ravens' Gathering in MD.  Which really was me distracting the GMs from putting the finishing touches on the game they are running as I type this.  Estimated time remaining in game: 1 hour 45 minutes.
My copy of LA Noire arrived.  Not a big fan of the driving mechanic though I suspect anyone who has played GTA will be familiar with it.  So far I've played a grand total of about 30 minutes.  Maybe I'll play more if I'm being sick on Monday.  Then again, I could be sick and clean the basement instead.
Hope everyone had a glorious week.

Friday update

With poor grammar and mostly lacking sentence structure, my week in review:
Mother's Day weekend was slammed at work, which is good.  Though being short handed at the front desk made it somewhat stressful.  Saturday saw Thor with [info]moiramisuThe movie was decent though I don't have enough ranks in comic book lore to get the references.
Monday folks worked out a tentative gaming schedule for the next couple of months.
I put in some time getting the XPI scholar's guild site updated.  Okay, I spent time working with the IT guy who did the work, I just made requests.
Spent time watching TV (series finale of SG-U among others), playing LOTRO (Sunday nights level 65 group, Wednesday night group high 50's both on Meneldor for those who care) and playing Rock Band and spent far more time than I probably should have on Facebook games.
Renewed my massage insurance, sorted a minute fraction of the PIP (potentially important papers) and generally made the basement even more of a mess. Thought about and started drafting the 4th of July eVite (Yes, this is cheating, posting that I'm working on the evite instead of just announcing that yes, there will be an open house/grill on the 4th.)
And that is pretty much how the week went.

Compensation issues

I assure you that the discussion about buying the new TV started weeks ago.  The timing may have had something to due with the Packers getting into the Superbowl.
This Sunday, I will be at home watching the Superbowl on the new big screen TV.  If you aren't otherwise engaged and are interested in watching the game, please come by and join me.  I am fairly certain the Bishop will be here.
Since this is being (semi-)organized on short notice, I don't know what is happening about food.  Probably KFC or a run to get food from the Buffalo Wing Factory. Anyway, have a great weekend and maybe I'll see some of you on Sunday.
Odds are good that I'll be getting home from work around 6:30 on Sunday, so timing is tight for kickoff. Sorry about that.